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    Learn Norm Mosher's background and why he wants to represent you in Congress.

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Norm Mosher Gives Virginia Republicans A Fight

July 23, 2014News Clip

It’s been over two decades since he retired from the Navy, but Captain Norm Mosher is ready to answer a new kind of call to public service.

“I’m running because I’m seeing how Congress is dysfunctional – it’s not working at all,” he declared to a crowd of supporters as he accepted his party’s nomination at its congressional convention in June. “Through my life I’ve gained experience, knowledge, and know-how on leading teams to meet overwhelming challenges. I’ve answered my country’s call for service before, and I’m answering it now.”

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1st Congressional District candidate Norm Mosher campaigns at Fauquier County Fair

July 21, 2014News Clip

Only four voting precincts in Fauquier are part of Virginia's 1st Congressional District, so finding eligible voters to talk up at the county fair wasn't especially easy for Democratic candidate Norm Mosher.

But the former Irvington town councilman dutifully traversed the rows of vendors at the fairgrounds Sunday, seeking support for his run against Rep. Robert J. "Rob" Wittman, a Republican.

He chatted with Gary Combs of Opal next to the mechanical-bull tent.

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Democrat Norm Mosher seeks Virginia’s 1st Congressional District seat

July 20, 2014News Clip

There's a "wall of obstruction" in Washington nowadays that will come down only when House Republicans are toppled, Norm Mosher said Monday.

So that's what the Democrat wants to do in the 1st Congressional District: defeat the GOP incumbent.

Mosher, a former Irvington town councilman, is challenging Rep. Robert J. "Rob" Wittman in the district that includes part of Fauquier County.

The 78-year-old was nominated at a Democratic convention June 7 in Fredericksburg.

He's a retired Navy captain, former U.S. Senate committee staffer and consultant.

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Leah Parker Honored

July 8, 2014Press Release

Long time Lancaster County resident, Leah Parker, was honored recipient of the 2014 1st Congressional District Grassroots Award on Saturday, June 21st, at the Jefferson Jackson Day Grassroots Award Luncheon and the JJ Dinner in Richmond. Ms. Parker was awarded the 2014 Grassroots Award through a process whereby the 22 local county/city committees that make up the 1st Congressional District nominated individuals for the award. In turn, the nominees were voted on by the members of the 1st ;Congressional Committee. In nominating Ms.

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Wittman gets a challenger

July 8, 2014News Clip

Like most Congressional districts in Virginia, the First District, where we live, isn’t drawn to be competitive; at least not usually. Thanks to some creative Gerrymandering, districts in the Commonwealth are drawn to all but guarantee the desired outcome. Only the eleventh district, which is north of us, can be considered competitive. As for the rest, they are designed to fall into one column or the other.

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