Meet Norm

Welcome to Norm Mosher’s Blog!

norm-at-eiffel - CopyI’m Norm and apparently now I’m a blogger and travel writer. I started this blog when I had some time off from work because another one of my friends passed on my info to their friends to prod me for travel advice on her upcoming trip.  I figured since people are always asking me this stuff anyways and I’m always teaching others how easy travel and experiencing the interesting things in life can be, I may as well tell everyone.

See, I was lucky enough to travel all over the US as a kid with my Dad.  I caught the travel bug early and knew it was my passion, but not just travel, experience itself.  I love experiencing anything from the simply walking around exploring my neighborhood to bungee jumping a dam in Switzerland.  As I got older that love fueled international travel, extreme adventures, and cultural experiences of a lifetime. It doesn’t hurt that I’m an adrenaline junkie too. I want to see and do it all and I want people come with me and explore it for themselves.

The good news is you’ve found a great resource for expanding your world. And if your here, you’ve already got a spark of explorer in you or just looking for the tools.  That is awesome. I’m going to introduce you to travel resources, new adventures, virgin technologies, and ways to save a little cash in the process. Travel can be affordable for any budget. Just take a leap of faith and go do the things you’ve always dreamed…it’s not as hard as you think.

Don’t Hesitate For A Second,

Norm Mosher