My GoPro Stabilizer

Black Pearl RC SteadyGim3 EVO 3Here I fall on my techy side, to talk about a new and affordable piece of gear that allows to take the best stable action videos. Who wants professional videos and loves a stable, wobble-free camerawork, no longer comes around without a gimbal.

When searching for a high quality gimbal you need to look at certain aspects like:

  1. There are more or less good stabilization systems on the market. It must be clearly distinguished between systems that are purely mechanical with counterweight and systems that work with weight engines. Further, systems with three weight Motors (3 axes) offer significantly better results than systems with two weight Motors (2 axes). So I highly recommend you the 3 axis ones if you are aiming for quality.
  1. Further it is important to note how the gimbal’s cables are positioned and connected. On older models, cables for the motor control are visible, so the danger is great that you will stumble on them and get them ripped off the gimbal especially when you are shooting intensive action videos. These cables are hidden in latest generation gimbals so aim for those.

Having said that, here is one gimbal that I highly recommend:

Before proceeding here is a great writeup on the top Gimbals for GoPro that is worth checking out.

Black Pearl RC SteadyGim3 EVO 3 axis GoPro stabilizer for GOPRO 3 and GoPro 4 BSCSG3E001

The SteadyGim3 EVO has some of the most powerful motors on a 3 axis gimbal at the moment. They are super-fast, brushless and perfect for video and photo shoots or Selfies (self-portraits), etc.

The SteadyGim3 EVO is compatible with the new GoPro HERO 4 and the HERO 3 + HERO 3. Without any kind of limitation, you can even use the HERO 3 + and HERO 3 with a LCD BacPac.

What makes the SteadyGim3 series so unique is the control of the tilt. You can control the pitch-axis or roll axis via the up and down keys on the gimbal during the stabilization depending on the selected mode. The additional manual control of pitch and roll axis allows sensational recording options and extends the reach of the SteadyGim3.

On vacation, at the beach, or at the next festival, with the SteadyGim3 3-axis handheld gimbal you will always get perfectly stabilized images and that without much effort.

Settings / functions:

Mode 1: heading is on following mode(press 1X): camera is fixed on the roll-axis and pitch-axis and follows right / left subdued to the movements of the user with manual control of the pitch-axis via the up and down buttons.

Mode 2: heading and pitch are on following mode (continuously press 1X): only the roll axis is fixed, the camera follows the user up/down and right/left, with manual control of the pitch-axis via the up and down buttons.

Mode 3: heading, pitch and roll are fixed (quickly press 2X): camera is fixed in one direction, with manual control of the roll axis of the up and down buttons.


  • Weight: approx. 368 grams with batteries / without GoPro camera
  • Total length: approx. 280mm
  • Handle length: 215 m
  • Gimbal operating time: 6-10 hours
  • Operating voltage: 7-12 Volts
  • Supports GoPro HERO via USB directly from the gimbal
  • Support for optional cable remote control
  • Supports all GoPro models: GoPro HERO 4, HERO 3 + and GoPro HERO 3/2/1
  • Supports GoPro LCD BacPac
  • Roll: – 45 ° 0 (horizontal) + 35 °
  • Pitch: -180 ° (down) 0 (horizontal) + 180 ° (upward)
  • Heading / vertical: – 150 ° (left) / + 150 ° (right), total 300 ° Rotary Beeding

What’s in the box?

  • 1 x BeStableCam SteadyGim3 EVO handheld gimbal for Gopro HD HERO 4, HERO 3 and 3 +.
  • 2 x 3, 7V 2000mAh battery type 18650
  • 1 x charger with USB cable
  • 1 x special power cable gimbal to the GoPro / USB
  • 2 x M2, 5x10mm for camera installation
  • 2 x M2, 5x20mm for camera installation with a LCD Touch BacPac
  • 1 x quick start guide in English

Important fact: The SteadyGim3 series is only compatible with the GoPro LCD BacPac! You can only install a camera with or without a LCD but an installation with underwater housing is not possible. The gimbal is not water resistant! If you want to see the full image, we recommend connecting it to an external HDMI monitor.